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Internal Static CCTV surveillance Camera

CCTV Surveillance Cameras are ideal for viewing, monitoring and recording specific areas and events. Technical details, specification and key features of static colour surveillance camera. 

Key Features

  1. 1/3-type Interline Transfer CCD
  2. Built-in Super Dynamic III Function
  3. High Definition - 540 and 570 Line Resolution
  4. Signal to Noise Ratio of 50dB
  5. Auto Image Stabilizer Function
  6. Scene change Detection Alarm
Panasonic Internal Static Camera 


Type Colour Surveillance Camera
Pick-up Device 1/3-type interline transfer CCD
Effective Pixels  
Vertical 582.00
Scanning Area (mm)  
Horizontal 4.9
Vertical 3.7
Signal PAL
Synchronization Internal (INT), Multiplexed Vertical Drive (VD2), Line Lock (LL), selectable
Scanning mode 2:1 interlace
Scanning Frequency  
Horizontal (KHz) 15.625
Vertical (KHz) 50.0
Horizontal 540 TV lines (Colour)
Dynamic Range
Signal – to – Noise Ratio 50 dB minimum (AGC: OFF)
Minimum illumination (colour) 0.8 lux
Power Source  
Voltage AC (V) 24
Voltage DC (V) 12.0
Frequency (Hz) 50.0
Power Consumption (W) 2.7
Ambient Operating Temperature
(degrees C) 

Minimum -10.0
Maximum 50.0
Ambient Operating Humidity  
Minimum 0.0
Maximum 90.0
Width 67.0
Height 65.0
Depth 139.5
Weight (Kg) 0.35