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Lone Worker IdentiSafe

  1. Robust identity card device
  2. Full voice recording
  3. LBS position tracking

IdentiSafe is much more than an ID card holder with a clever GSM communications alarm button.

For all lone workers IdentiSafe provides a vital link to their own 24/7 virtual lone worker protection security force, ready to take action on their behalf. Before going in to potentially hazardous situations, users can record their whereabouts with an amber alert.

Recordings are gathered and stored electronically at the response centre. It is a feature that users like. They don’t feel they are bothering anyone and they know their information will only be retrieved in an emergency.

If lone workers then press the SOS button, trained operators can listen in, retrieve information on their whereabouts, and arrange for the appropriate support. Devices are easy to activate covertly to avoid inflaming the situation. Attackers need not know that help is on the way.


  1. 24/7 response centre manages activations and incidents
  2. SitexOrbis Lone Worker Protection manages thousands of recordings of people’s whereabouts
  3. DVD recordings of calls can and have been used in court as evidence
  4. Device 102mm x 72mm x 12mm, weight 78g approx, dual band GSM 900/1800, battery life 80 hours standby, 3 hours
  5. Location is confirmed by pre-recorded messages and live LBS position information
  6. Staff derive great comfort from knowing that when they push the red button someone will instantly be listening and a call is made to bring them help
Discrete panic alarm The panic alarm can be activated discretely without breaking eye contact, which can help to control the situation.
ID Card Holder A standard ID card fits securely in to the device which assists in the illusion of it being ‘just’ an ID badge.
‘Stop and Check’ facility A status button is available that allows the user to check the battery condition and network strength before a meeting.
Amber Alert facility Amber Alerts offer a facility whereby the user can leave a pre-recorded message of their whereabouts and any other pertinent information.
Red Alert An emergency call is made to the 24/7 response centre upon activation who listens to the incident, and coordinates the appropriate response.
One-way communication This communicates the incident to the 24/7 response centre so the operators can hear the full situation covertly.
‘Rip Cord’ function The rip alarm is a secondary Red Alert function that is activated upon breaking the cord free from the device.
Emergency calls are recorded on to DVD Audio DVD’s of the incident are admissible in a court of law and can provide evidence in a court of law.
Tailored response service All clients can tailor the emergency response for each user. This provides SitexOrbis with additional information such as any allergies, medication, details of a fixed location. A different set of senior managers/directors may be required to be notified for situations resulting in a physical assault.