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March Networks (Cieffe Nettuno) Cam PX Senses


Key features:
  1. Fully embedded architecture
  2. Customizable DSPs for a modular, flexible architecture
  3. Native support for multiple compression algorithms
  4. Progressive scan sensor
  5. Analog to digital converter (ADC) for each pixel
  6. Zero Smear
  7. PAL/NTSC signal formats can be selected for the analog output
  8. Minimal Blooming
  9. Wide dynamic range
  10. White balance: auto tracking, manual, and presets"
  11. Gamma Correction options
  12. Electronic shutter
  13. Extended Slow shutter
  14. Automatic Gain Control
  15. Backlight compensation control
  16. B/W mode
  17. Excellent video quality thanks to MPEG4 Main Profile compression
  18. Transmission of up to 25/30 FPS (*) images at full resolution and maximum quality
  19. Seamless integration with SPECTIVA and LINEARIS DVMS networks
  20. Real architecture client-server with total control via TCP/IP for unlimited scalable solutions
  21. Integrated Web Server
  22. Power over Ethernet compliant
      Cieffe Nettuno Cam PX Senses                     
NETTUNO SENSES Cam PX exploits the potentialities of SENSES technology (‘’overall Winner’’ at IFSEC 2006), based on algorithm deepath2, for real time motion tracking and behaviour analysis. NETTUNO SENSES Cam PX becomes a powerful motion detector, capable of generating and transmitting digital video and intelligent alarms over the network.
Fitted with a revolutionary video acquisition system developed by Pixim, NETTUNO SENSES CAM PX takes advantage of a 720 x 540 pixel progressive scanning sensor that eliminates interference and a dedicated DSP that runs an advanced high resolution system, capable of delivering a maximum dynamic range of 120 dB.
The MPEG4 Main Profile algorithm implemented on board offers an ultra low noise video signal and striking detail, giving excellent quality images at full resolution (D1), while still very fluid and usable over extremely reduced bandwidths.
NETTUNO SENSES CAM PX can work as a stand alone camera, but it can also be networked with SPECTIVA and LINEARIS digital video management systems.  Transmission via IP, use of the best compression algorithm, analogue video output and bi-directional stereo audio provide extremely flexible and scalable solutions for any type of CCTV installation.
Motion Alarm

It’s possible to set the type of movement to detect, based on speed, direction, shape and size of the object. Different settings are possible for multi zone handling. The system also detects slow movements.

Overtake Alarm
For detecting a vehicle over taking another in a zone where this manoeuvre is not allowed or where the visibility is limited.
Bottlenecks Alarm An event is thrown when the system detects a queue caused by a sudden brake or a car accident.
Travelling the wrong way Alarm An alarm can be triggered when a vehicle is moving in the wrong direction (e.g. against the traffic flow,) endangering others.
Panic Alarm
Serious or dangerous situations can be marked by detecting abnormal behaviour of people when they are panicking.
Excessive Speed Alarm An alarm can be given by the system when the speed of a vehicle exceeds a given limit. It's possible to setup different zones with specific speed limits.
Permanence of objects and persons
An object can be detected when it stands still for a given time in a place that is being monitored for security reasons (i.e luggage in an airport, a vehicle parked in a critical zone, or an object that has been removed from its usual placement.) Alarms can be given based on the shape and size of the object.
Camera occlusion alarm An alarm can be triggered when a camera is darkened, or occluded by an object that obscures or conceal landscape details.
Tracking alarm
The system detects the path of a moving object, vehicle or person, based on shape, size and speed. The system raises an alarm for specific paths.
Person Counter

It is possible to keep track of the number of people crossing a virtual line, for statistical analysis or for gathering relevant information. It is also possible to set an alarm that goes off when a specific number of people (or people per hour) cross the line.
Sensor type Wide Dynamic Range - Progressive
Sensor array size 5.04 mm (H) x 3.78 mm (V)
Image Size Diagonal 6.3mm (Type 1/3’’)
No of pixels (effective) 720 (H) x 540 (V)
Colour filter array Primary RGB
Light sensitivity 0,8 lux at normal frame rate with an F=1.2 lens (colour mode) 50 IRE
Dynamic range 105dB typical (14 bit precision), 120dB max
Signal to noise ratio Greater than 48dB (F5.6 @ 2000 lux)
Slow shutter mode  sensitivity Better than 0.08 lux
White balance Auto tracking, manual, preset
Backlighting compensation Yes
AGC/Auto iris Yes
Video output analog 1 CVBS (75 Ohmt) / 1 SVHS ( PAL/NTSC selectable)
Compression algorithm MPEG4 Main Profile
Ethernet 10/100 Mbit
Supported protocols TCP/IP - UDP
Supported resolutions D1, 2CIF, CIF, QCIF
Web Server Yes
Processor Multimedia DSP
Audio In 1 Stereo input
Audio Out 1 Stereo output
Power Supply 12Vdc/PoE
Power over Ethernet (PoE) Si
Power Consumption <5W
Operating temperature 5 to 55°C
Relative humidity 8-90% not condensing
Weight 0,5Kg
Dimensions 60W x 140D x 55H mm