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Access Controller PAC 512

The PAC 512 can control all aspects of two secure doors, with up to two card readers installed as entry and exit readers on each door. This enables the PAC 512 to support a door strike to lock and unlock a door and a door contact to detect the door positions.

A programmed auxiliary input is put on each door which can be used for alarm system integration, and an auxiliary output that enables a buzzer or strobe when security is breached or a door is left open. Each PAC 512 controller has a tamper input, this enables monitoring of cabinet doors, and an override input that can release both doors.

The PAC 512 can be used standalone with optional IP connectivity or as part of a system controlled by the PAC 500. 

Key Features:

  1. Controls up to two access points/doors
  2. PAC 512 IP includes a built-in 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connect
  3. Supports up to four PAC proximity readers or two Wiegand outputs or two Magstripe readers directly
  4. Battery backed memory storage
  5. On-board lithium rechargable battery is monitored and low battery status is reported
  6. Up to 20,000 keyholder/cardholder database and 16,000 event buffer
  7. 20 system holidays with 20 start and stop dates and times
  8. 200 time profiles with up to 4,000 weekly periods
  9. 5,000 access groups, each with two time profiles and two area lists
  10. Area anti-passback and area usage in conjunction with PAC 500
  11. Local anti-passback
  12. Airlock capability in conjunction with PAC 500
  13. Watchdog reset for maximum reliabilty
  14. Status LED supports all functions including Inputs and Outputs
  15. Individual door access times (DDA and ADA recommendation)
  16. One ancillary input per door channel (two or four state)
  17. Wide voltage operation 10.5V to 28V
  18. Request to exit input (two or four state)
  19. Door contact input (two or four state)
  20. Power supply and battery status are monitored and reported
  21. 5 Amp ancillary relay per door channel (independent control via PAC 500)
  22. 5 Amp lock relay output per door channel and dedicated enclosure tamper input
  23. Easy One-Touch installation mode simplifies and speeds up system commissioning, without the need for a PC or programming
  24. Override input to open all doors
  25. Lock sharing for doors
  26. Easy in-field firmware upgrades
  27. Dial-up PSTN/GSM modem support (PAC 512 only)
  28. DIN-Rail mounting for ease of installation
  Access Controller PAC 512  
Features and Specifications
Dimensions H: 125mm W: 180mm x D:60mm
Weight 0.4 Kg nominal
Temperature Operating: -10ºC to 55ºC (14ºf to +130ºf) Storage: -25ºC to +80ºC (-13ºf to 176ºf)
Humidity 0 to 85% RHNC
Door Configuration

Each door supports up to 2 Oneprox, PAC or KeyPAC Readers, 1 Wiegand output or 1
Magstripe output reader
Supported Reader Protocol PAC, Wiegand and Magstripe
Inputs Door contact, RTE, and programmable auxillary input
Outputs 5-AMP single pole double throw lock relay and larm relay
Status LED's

RS-232, RS-485, Door 1, Door 2 and system status, Ethernet transmit and receive status
Memory Backup

3V re-chargable lithium cell (monitored and status reported) - 6 months memory retention when not powered
Communication Ports RS-232 (57,6K bps), RS-485 (57,6K bps)
Wiring Requirements

RS485 - CAT5 up to 1000m, 3000ft total cable or 7/0mm², 24 AWG Alarm Cable up to
500m, 1500ft total cable. RS232 - 7/0mm², 24 AWG up to 7.6m, 25ft max length
Module Power 10,5 VDC to 28 VDC @ 220 mA