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Access Controller PAC 500

The PAC 500 provides sophisticated access and alarm management for businesses with single or multiple locations across the country or around the world because it is an expandable controller.  The PAC 500 is a proven solution which supports countless number of access decisions, meshs multiple locations seamlessly, centralise management and provides industry standard secure networking.

Thousands of users are ensured secure and high speed access by embedded Microsoft Windows CE Net and a powerful Intel Xscale processor. The PAC 500 is IP enabled which also contributes to providing the highest level of security possible.

Key Features:

  1. 75,000 keyholders/cardholders
  2. Controls and communicates with up to 48 controllers
  3. 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection
  4. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encrypted IP network communications
  5. Two fast RS-485 ports
  6. RS-232 port for modem connection
  7. Built-in firewall
  8. Dedicated Override and Tamper inputs
  9. Wide voltage operation, 12v or 24v
  10. One polyfused 5A auxiliary voltage output
  11. Back-up battery charging and monitoring
  12. Status LED's confirms correct operation
  13. Intel 400MHz Xscale processor
  14. Unique One-Touch installation mode simplifies and speeds up system commissioning, without need for a PC or programming
  15. Microsoft Windows CE Net operating system
  16. 64 Mbytes of RAM
  17. 32 Mbytes of flash memory
  18. Watchdog reset for maximum reliabilty
  19. Up to 100,000 stored events (with 20,000 keyholders/cardholders)
  20. Area Anti-Passback across all doors
  21. Mixed distributed and central intelligence
  22. Easy in-field firmware upgrades
  23. Power supply status monitored and reported
  24. Advanced area mangement features
  25. Area alarm monitoring
  26. Event-to-action scenarios
  27. Local tamper input
  28. DIN-Rail mounting for ease of installation
Access Controller PAC 500     
Features and Specifications
Dimensions H: 125mm W: 180mm x D:60mm
Weight 0.4 Kg nominal
Temperature Operating: -10ºC to 55ºC (14ºf to +130ºf) Storage: -25ºC to +80ºC (-13ºf to 176ºf)
Humidity 0 to 85% RHNC
Memory Size 96 Mbytes - 64 Mbytes RAM and 32 Mbytes FLASH non volatile RAM
Memory Backup 32 Mbytes RAM flash memory
Status LED's

RS-232, RS-485, Power Status, Aux Power Output, Battery Status, LAN Status & System
Communication Ports RS-232 (57,6K bps), RS-485 (57,6K bps), TCP/IP (10/100 Mbps) RJ-45
Wiring Requirements

RS485 - CAT5 up to 1000m, 3000ft total cable or 7/0mm², 24 AWG Alarm Cable up to
500m, 1500ft total cable. RS232 - 7/0mm², 24 AWG up to 7.6m, 25ft max length
Module Power 10,5 VDC bij 390 mA to 28 VDC @ 135 mA